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14 units of large scale handling equipment is ready for departure


On 28th,Oct,2014, HHMC held “ the departure ceremony for 14 units handling equipment of Xiao Chantan Wharf, Yangpu, Hainan”, in whistles and firecrackers, the cargo ship carried 14 units of large scale handling equipment set sail. Mr. Sun Guoqing, general manager of HHMC, Mr. Luo Suping, general manager of Hainan 

Yangpu Development and Construction Holding Co., ltd., and Mr. Xu Tianwei of Hainan Wharf Holding Co.,ltd. attended the departure ceremony.


The project of Xiao Chantan Wharf, Yangpu, Hainan that HHMC undertook in June, 2013 is totally of 14 units handling equipment, and the contract amount is nearly 300 million Yuan, it’s a “large-scale, batch, multi-type” port equipment project. Among them, the fabrication of 8 specialized port container handling equipment-ERTG is a comprehensive, high standard validation of company’s strength.  

As a project manufacturer, the project was started in August, 2013, and completed after nine months of scientific optimizing organization, careful management, and strict construction. Now 14 units of large equipment were ordered arranged on the ship cargo for sailing to the destinations (Xiao Chantan Wharf, Yangpu, Hainan ) in the guidance of whistle. This project refreshes the record of HHMC undertakes and manufactures “large-scale, batch, multi-type” equipment, meanwhile, it’s also a milestone of development process for HHMC to be “bigger, stronger”
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