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HHMC got 3 units of cranes in Malaysia

Recently,HHMC sucessfully won the bid of 3 units 25t-38m Level Luffing Crane complete with hooper & conveyor belt feeder in Bintulu Port,Malaysia,which add an new order to the international market.

Bintulu Port is located in the central coast of Sarawak,Malaysia,it's in the busy center of shipping line of Middle East and Europe.It came into use in 1983 and its international container terminal began to use in 1999,and the portfolio increased year by year after operation. The undertaking of this order will play an active and leading role to undertake the following order of this district,meanwhile,to further consolidate and enhance HHMC's status and influence in Southeast Asian market is also important.

In recent years,HHMC continuously consolidated the domestic market,menawhile,increased the international market development efforts,and the international order increased quickly year by year. The products are exported to Europe,Africa,and is all over the Korea,India,Indonesia,Middle East,Hongkong,etc contries and regions. We believe that under the country"belt and road" construction and the big situation of China's equipment"going out", "HHMC" equipment will also speed up "going out" pace, and continuously with international market recognition and achieve new breakthroughs with excellent technology,quality and service.

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