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“Ambassador as Spokesman”- HHMC Makes Its Debut in Lebanon


A grand welcoming ceremony of the cranes manufactured by Qingdao Haixi Heavy-duty Machinery Co., Ltd ( known as “HHMC”) is held at Port of Tripoli, Lebanon, at 12:00 pm, on March 6, 2017, local time.  Mr. Najib Mikati, former prime minister of Republic of Lebanon, Mr. Wang Kejian, the Chinese Ambassador in Lebanon and other high-profile local officials attend the ceremony. Chinese main stream media such as Xinhua News Agency as well as the Lebanese local media release keynote reports on the ceremony.


Mr. Najib Mikati is concerned much about the accommodation of HHMC project team at Port of Tripoli conducting the remaining jobs. Mr. Wang kejian meets with the team as well listening to the elaboration from the site project manager about HHMC as well as the project undertook. The Ambassador urged HHMC project team to accomplish the tasks with high quality in order to win glory for both China and HHMC.


As the capital of north Lebanese province, Tripoli, also known as the second largest harbor city of Lebanon, is the commercial, industrial and tourism hub of north Lebanon. Port of Tripoli, located in east coast of Mediterranean, the northwest of Lebanon, boasts the predominant geological location and is known as the essential foreign trade port in the east of Mediterranean. The port is also known as one of the hub ports connecting Europe and Asia. 


Under the supervision of International Ports Engineering & Maintenance Services (Known as “IPEMS”), a professional German supervision company, HHMC successfully manufactured and delivered two units of Ship to Shore Container cranes(STS) and six units of Rubber Tyred Gantry Cranes(RTG) for Port of Tripoli, Lebanon. All the cranes are equipped with advanced control systems such as anti-sway system with high reliability and precision, which consists the first batch of cranes manufactured for Tripoli Port. Among the cranes deployed in Lebanon, the STS manufactured by HHMC boast the largest lifting capacity, the longest outreach and the highest lifting height.


The first batch of cranes was shipped from the wharf of HHMC, Qingdao, China, on December 10, 2016 after successful rolling on Mega Carvan 2, the shipping vessel with Korean Nationality. The cranes safely arrived at Port of Tripoli on February 27, 2017 local time after two months, 18000 miles voyage, passing through Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and Mediterranean. In order to ensure the expected crane welcoming ceremony in a timely manner, HHMC project team worked together day and night making the joint efforts to tackle multiple difficulties confronted at the port so as to smoothly conduct the crane offloading jobs. Through 6-day painstaking efforts, HHMC wins the offloading battle. The remarkable “Iron Giants” stand at Port of Tripoli echoing with beautiful Mediterranean sea contributing to the splendid landscape for the port and become the new landmark of the port.


Inspired by Mr. Najib and Mr. Wang, HHMC project team unify together through self-disipline of high standard and spare no efforts to ensure the upcoming operation of the cranes by the Client.


Along with the splendid Mediterranean landscape, HHMC project team marches to a new journey. The operation of the cranes will contribute to the regional stable economic development from China. Adhering to the business philosophy of “View the market from global perspective, Make the product by international standard”, with the east wind of “Belt and Road” initiative proposed by Mr. Xi Jinping, the President of P.R.China, HHMC will certainly launch an increasing number of products to the world.

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